My research interests focus on the study of proteins and enzymes and their use in the development of new devices and technologies. I have studied and worked in the UK, in Italy, in Finland, and Switzerland. Fascinated by the interaction of protcropped-abtyr1-2.pngeins with material surfaces, proteins and enzymes from different classes have been studied to confer fluorescent, structural, or biocatalytic properties to materials. Proteins are crucial bulding blocks of organisms and biomaterials, and their investigation is necessary to achieve specialized functionalities while imagining novel applications (see my PUBLICATIONS).


You can contact me at greta.faccio(at) for questions or collaborations.


NEWEngineered Bacillus pumilus laccase-like multi-copper oxidase for enhanced oxidation of the lignin model compound guaiacol Protein Engineering, Design & Selection.

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A Protein-Nanocellulose Paper for Sensing Copper Ions at the Nano- to Micromolar Level, Adv. Funct. Mat,






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Encapsulation of FRET-based glucose and maltose biosensors to develop functionalized silica nanoparticles, Analyst