What is this website about?

This website presents how I can support your business from having a brainstorming session, to support you in your scientific communication efforts, to other innovation topics. If you are a student and would like to discuss your career or receive mentoring, please drop me a message

Are you open to short term projects?

Yes, I prefer short term projects with a clear deadline. Otherwise projects with regular meetings are also a great opportunity for collaboration.

What makes you special?

I have a strong scientific background but also experience in scientific communication and have crossed many sectors from food science to material science, from cosmetics to biotech and medtech.

Can we reach out for a brainstorming?

Yes, certainly. I would love that!

Can you issue invoices?

Yes, I have a Swiss business identification number (UID, CHE-268.646.771) that allows me to do that.

How can we reach you?

There are many ways, for example via email at greta.faccio@gmail.com, via LinkedIn, or via the form in this website.