The association of proteins with materials is the cropped-abtyr1-2.pngcore of multiple devices and technologies we use in the diagnostic, biomedical, or energy field. Fascinated by how the interaction with surfaces affects or even enhances the bioactivity of proteins,  organic and inorganic materials have been combined with proteins and enzymes to confer novel biosensing, antimicrobial, catalytic, fluorescent, or structural features. Optimising immobilization strategies based on bioaffinity, on chemical crosslinking, or on the physico-chemical properties of the proteins themselves, nanocellulosic materials, metal oxide particles, polymeric microparticles, or polymeric surfaces have been functionalized and often showed an enhanced bioactivity.
Future work will investigate the underlying  protein features at the basis of this phenomenon and how this knowledge can be applied to the design of novel biofunctional materials and devices. 

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NEWPlant complexity and cosmetic innovation, 2020, iScience, Open AccessPublished:July 10, 2020DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.isci.2020.101358

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