Are you passionate of science, communication, and innovation too?

About me:
I hold a PhD in genetics from the University of Helsinki. I have been working for years in academia and research . I am familiar with scientific topics as different as wheat dough and nanoparticles, kinetics and fluorescence, in vitro diagnostics and algal proteins. I am now active in the innovation field and communication in the private sector. 

My scientific expertise lies in the field of protein science and industrial enzymes. Proteins and enzymes are at the core of multiple technologies and products we use everyday from the food, to the cosmetic, to the biomedical, to the energy sector. 

Work with me:
As a freelance scientist, I advise and consult with start-ups and small companies.  I publish articles to communicate scientific topics and coach scientists in their research and publication journey. I enjoy reviewing publications for multiple publishing houses and I helping international funding agencies by evaluating proposals.

For questions or opportunities of collaborations, visit my Linkedin profile, contact me via Clarity or write me at greta.faccio@gmail.com. I am registered in the Participant Register for EU projects (PIC number 896398244).